Notes from the Residence of Dr. Lissa Oussani

[There are a lot of hastily written notes in handwriting so messy it’s nearly unreadable. Below it, it seems to have been transcribed into something much more legible.]

I’ll start at the beginning, none of this should be left out. Even if it will read more like a diary entry than research notes when I’m done.

Quinn and I met at my apartment and went to Lissa’s tower together. We startled her when we walked in, as usual, since she was so consumed by her work. After a rather enlightening discussion regarding leylines in which Lissa identified that I’m able to see them with my witchsight, the three of us journeyed to the Pillars of Dreaming. Lissa also gave me a document that seems to be written in proto-Elven (must attempt to decipher this later, unsure how much will translate to contemporary Elven) that shows a drawing of an aiudara whose sides don’t meet at the top and is covered in star patterns. It bears a striking resemblance to the Pillars as we currently know them. Lissa believes that the Pillars may have served as inspiration for the aiudara network and after our experiences there today I’m inclined to believe she’s right.

Upon our arrival, I couldn’t help but note the large amount of leylines that appeared to converge there. Well, to be more specific, offshoots thereof, as I’ve been informed that looking directly at a leyline would be blinding. The tendrils seemed to meet directly in the middle of the Pillars. (I would like to take this moment to note that the drawing on the document Lissa gave me in fact does appear to be the Pillars. It’s the same glass-like structures and the same unknown star patterns. It’s fascinating.)

It’s important to note before I continue that any previous attempts to enter the Pillars, including the one Lissa made while we were there, result in the subject falling into a state of something akin to suspended animation. They show no signs of life nor are they dead. When they are pulled from the Pillars, they have no recollection of what transpired in their dream they had within. It would seem that there are two distinct exceptions to this.

The first would be myself. I do not believe the destination I arrived at Is the true destination of the Pillars as I had once again began to hear a feminine voice speaking to me before I entered. It would seem that (I pray that the higher-ups at the Society never read this) my mother, or more accurately mothers plural, used it to call me forth to some realm of dreaming they inhabit. I was greeted by three women joined at the hands who were sitting in a field of black and purple flowers beneath a red moon. They identified themselves as the Speakers of the Grand Coven and addressed me as their long-lost daughter — the Daughter of Night, Bringer of the End. They informed me that my power is “only growing” and asked me to accept their gift. I admit that while I probably should not have, my curiosity got the better of me and I did. I was gifted this horrid stone, Memoria, I think they called it. It was borne of black fire and a tendril of blood descended from the moon above them. I’ve yet to properly examine it as when I awoke from this dream I found that the stone was still in my hand and it burned my skin. I’ve wrapped it up for safe keeping and stowed it away for now. I’ll examine it more closely at a later time. It should also be noted that the three women (or, more accurately, hags, yet that feels disrespectful to people who just gave me what is clearly a very powerful object) insinuated that I would somehow be able to return to the realm they called the dreaming in the flesh later on. I admit I’m most curious about this. However, my time in the Pillars was brought to an end as I apparently began convulsing and was pulled to safety by Quinn and Lissa. I have no prior history of seizures that I am aware of.

As Lissa had talked me into entering the Pillars, we likewise talked Quinn into doing much the same. We tied the rope to him and allowed him to enter, but he fell into the same suspended animation state that Lissa and I had upon approaching.

[There are a few half sentences written then quickly scribbled out.]

As many times as I have attempted to parse the information Quinn relayed into something readable as a proper paragraph, I cannot seem to. Instead I present the information in the most concise yet coherent way I can:

  • Quinn reported that upon entering It felt as if a presence were watching him. When the presence finally appeared, it was as a shadowy being wearing a hexagonal mask and surrounded by white, geometrically shaped lines. This would not be its final appearance as it would morph during the course of the conversation?????
  • It said Quinn’s space is curved not jagged? Time flat circle eternal recurrence??????????????
  • Something comprehensible! It did state that they had met at a crossroads and asked if Quinn was there to make a pact or a deal. When Quinn first mentioned this, I had wondered if he, too, could become a warlock by making a pact with this being, but given the circumstances it may be unwise to risk it. For now.
  • It also kept making mention of an Ambassador of Time and assumed Quinn to be this ambassador. After this query it apparently changed form to something diamond-like and made entirely of fractals? How this man exited without a massive migraine is beyond me, that sounds like a nightmare to stare at for any length of time.
  • It made mention of Kaer Maga as a “peace talks zone” and stated that no violence was allowed????? I admit, writings of Kaer Maga are scarce but did this being truly believe it was an area where there was no violence? I find the idea laughable.
  • (This bit made entirely no sense, but I’ve done my best with it.) The Pillars are some sort of access point that leads to an ambassador created by a weapon? Something to do with the creators of Kaer Maga? Somehow Quinn’s tattoos are involved? It called them “creator symbols” and stated that Quinn must negotiate on behalf of the creators (who are “scientists, travelers, creators, speakers”)?
  • Quinn, I am so sorry we talked you into going in there, this makes my head hurt just trying to write it out into something easier to parse. [There is also what looks to be a tea stain from the bottom of a mug running through this segment.]
  • Mentioned something about “science experiment, safe zone created, war resume elsewhere”, referring to some sort of war outside of Kaer Maga. The being decided that war was a necessity. It did give Quinn the option to re-negotiate terms of peace, however.
  • It identified itself as “Less Sharp than Most” and agreed to resume negotiations at a later date
  • Quinn mentioned a need to find Terminus???? Who or what that may be, I have no idea

What truly baffles me is that all of this happened within ten seconds. Lissa and I didn’t let him stay any longer than that. How could a conversation of that length and complexity transpire in such a short amount of time? That aside, I believe that the location Quinn accessed is the true destination of the Pillars of Dreaming, unlike my own…misadventure. Lissa is assuming that her theory is correct and we have both been wracking our brains to try to come up with where to even begin researching all of this. I had hoped that writing it out might give me more clues, but instead it has only given me more questions.



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